Trombones, volcanoes and judo!

Lfish did a trombone taster session at holiday orchestra a while back, and I’ve been looking for something musical she can do and not take ttoo seriously,so we decided to ask Jfish’s teacher if she could fit in a short Lfish lesson with his lessons. Today was the first of those, and went well 😀 Apparently she has a high embouchure, which makes beginning hard (lots of low notes in bbeginner pieces) but bodes well for tthe future. There’s a limit to how much she can play for now though, as her arms are too sshort to reach beyond sixth position 😆

We left the others finishing off making volcanoes, today’s big activitysince L knows a llot about them in French so finds them accessible iin English. First we looked at articles about tthe Auvergne and L told us about family holidays there, then we looked at general information about volcanoes and then decided it would be ffun tto mmake oone. Afish opted for a small clay version, which she lacquered when dry, then we all got together to make aa large paper mache version based around a bottle so that once it’s dry we can fill t with bicarb and vinegar to make an eruption.

When we were drawing up weekly timetables for this term we asked L what else he might like to do and he answered without hesitation that he wanted to ddo judo. Fortunately we managed to find a class we could get him to and this evening was tthe first session of term, so he and Kfish went along and tthey’ve just got back. It seems to have gone well and they are both keen to return next week 😀

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