We had been contemplating a trip to Creswell Crags, but since the social worker was due to visit again decided this left too short a time to be practicable. She then cancelled, so we could have gone, but I woke up with a migraine and took a while recover enough to do anything much, so instead we had a couple of hours of normals and then aa rather less demanding field trip, to the Norris Museum, which houses lots of local Stone Age artefacts 🙂
We saw flint axe hheads from 300, 000 years ago – and just down the road – and we handled fossils and replica flints – and even a baby mammoth tooth. We looked ahead a little too, since the museum is so tiny it’s almost impossible to view one exhibit without also viewing the next! All the dinosaurs they have there are aquatic, as the area was 60m under water then. It’s fascinating to see things you think of as History and then be aable to place them locally geographically 🙂

We came home via a shop selling Slush Puppies, which the children have bbeen desperate to try for ages, and fitted in lunch and little music before I had to dash off to choir with KFish and Lfish, leaving L, A and J at home with Bob. L is adamant he hates singing and doesn’t want to do choir, so we’re looking out for other things to fill his time, since it’s a big commitment for half our family. This time, since Bob was working from home, it was easy – he and Afish did some Science and he played a game or two with Jfish. He’s also enjoying non-verbal reasoning, which I started him and Lfish on and now keep finding him continuing on his own 🙂

Next Wednesday should be L’s first saxophone llesson iin England; it would have happened last week or this, but his future teacher has bbeen away.

Apologies for silly typos – my tablet appears to have a stutter and doesn’tt like being corrected, yet is happy to merrily auto correct things into error!

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