Several quiet days in a row means we’ve been able to start putting some good habits into place. Hopefully we’ll be able to make them stick!
Saturday mornings will have music school from next week, so this week was a bonus trip to the cinema for the films for juniors showing of Escape from Planet Earth, which was apparently very good. Libby had gym in the afternoon, while the others did music practice (good habit number one, which slipped a bit over the holidays) and we all managed a bit of tidying and housework (good habit number two – regularly attacking the house together 😉 ).

Since choir hasn’t started yet either the children had no services to sing at, so we were able to go along to our home church, where Kfish and Lfish introduced L to their friends at Junior Fellowship. Bob and I were a little bemused in the service though – usually a Methodist service offers some good solid singing opportunities, but this time out of about 10 songs or hymns there was only one we both knew well, one Bob knew a bit and one I’d sung before but didn’t really know. It reached the point where the words would appear on the screen and we’d look at one another and try not to laugh…

Monday was a quiet working day, although we definitely need to work on good habit number three (getting going promptly in the mornings). Maths is moving on steadily and L is working his way through his EFL folder. We had planned for Mondays to be History project days, but since it looks as though Cake is not going to work for the boys on Tuesdays this term we’ve gained an extra working day (phew! say I. Bother! say the boys. 😉 ) so when I took Afish and Kfish to their ‘cello lesson in the afternoon I left some ideas for constructive busy-ness but no actual work and L, Lfish and Jfish amused themselves.
In the evening Jfish had his first seminar with CMLive on Middle Ages literature. He’s doing the extra book club option as well, so I’m hoping it will reignite his love of English, sadly lost somewhere in year 8 at school. So far so good. He enjoyed it, and appears to be ready to put some work into it today 🙂

Today started with the usual Maths and English until everyone was ready to get cracking with some History. We read and talked about the Bronze Age and each child wrote a small paragraph (or in L’s case copied and in Afish’s dictated). Then we watched a documentary about Stonehenge. This afternoon holds a future of music practices and perhaps art. We’ll see…

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