Quiet weekend

Saturday was music school, which all four children who go are enjoying (and J would like to be enjoying, he says): Sing Up! then Rockin’ Rhythms (three different levels: 6 goes with A and does Sol-Fa with songs and basic note theory, L is working through a theory book and K is on past papers) and ensemble to finish (K on ‘cello, L on violin, 6 and A on the laptop, usually watching a film – Brave this week).

Meanwhile I took J to school then went to Tesco and used their wifi to carry on reading (online, because I couldn’t get it from the library and wasn’t prepared to buy it) Midnight’s Children for parents’ book group. I didn’t finish it (interestingly, nor had most of the other parents) and I’m not sure I shall be able to summon up the enthusiasm to do so, much as I hate to leave a book unfinished. Each individual section is very interesting and easy to read, but it meanders about so much that once the page is turned I have barely any recollection of what I’ve just read. I’ve sat through sermons like that too: each part makes sense but the whole is somehow totally unmemorable and has no thread to hold it together.

The children finished watching Brave in the afternoon, as well as fitting in some trampoline time – the weather this week has been so uncertain that they’ve snatched a few minutes whenever they can.

Sunday was similarly peaceful. Nobody had choir in the morning, and although we were tempted to go along to Eucharist anyway, to see Roly Bain, going to our usual Methodist church meant an extra hour in bed which everyone appreciated 😉

The afternoon was spent bike riding, once 6 had been able to have a chat with her sister, and then the girls had Evensong.