Mostly sailing

Monday is usually an E and S day so when a level one sailing course was mooted I checked with Gina and as it happened E wanted to do it too. Fortunately there was a spare space for 6 too, so we headed over to Gina’s a little earlier than usual, took J to the station and met Dave there to collect E and S from him and take them across to the Stanborough Lakes where the sailing was to happen.
The weather was not great, but could have been far worse. Apparently everyone capsized at some point except 6 (who has the advantage of having sailed before) but at least there was some sun and it wasn’t TOO cold 😉 While they were busy learning to stay upright in a boat I took A and S to Go Wild in Hatfield Galleria, only to find when we got there that A had forgotten her socks. Fortunately, M&S outlet had some tights which would do the trick, so we were soon back on track. I fished out my sewing, only to find that I had left my pincushion and needles at home. I had everything else I needed, but without a needle it was all in vain, and having already trawled round a couple of shops to look for socks or tights I hadn’t the heart to drag the children away again to look for a needle, so just enjoyed doing nothing but watch children play. As soft play places go, it’s not too bad – at least it’s open so doesn’t have the nasty warehouse feel many do. We stayed for rather longer then the hour our session should have lasted – they weren’t busy so the man at the gate told us there was no need to worry about timings 🙂
We got back to the lake with enough time for a trip to the cafe before the sailors came in, all happy to have passed but definitely ready for a hot shower! Unfortunately the boys shower seemed to be utterly irresistible, with the result that those of us with boys were waiting around rather longer than those with girls – in the end we stood outside the boys’ changing room and shouted until K came out! The traffic on the way back was not too awful, considering we were later leaving than hoped, but slowed us down enough that we had to rush at the far end to drop E and S and get across town ready for K and L to be on time for their Gamelan dress rehearsal, while Bob collected J and met us there. Chips, noodles and spring rolls made for an eclectic but speedy tea and then we went in to listen to the concert, which was really good and included not just Gamelan music but also Javanese dancers. It was also short – a definite bonus on a school night!