Recovery day!

Quiet Tuesday – sleeping late and catching up. 6 had her first language assessment by phone. Her English is definitely improving, but is still very limited, both in speaking and in understanding (although it can take a few minutes sometimes to realise that things have not been understood, as smiles are quick and good will abounds; we have to remember to double-check and rephrase to make sure). It occurs to me, too, that we as a family do relatively little writing, so might need to make a conscious effort to do more while 6 is here; probably not a bad idea in any case, as both K and L could do with more sustained writing practice.
Music lessons came and went. Christina was very pleased with 6’s progress and has given her several more tunes to work on, which has made her very happy 🙂 L has started to play some of the teacher parts too, so it sounds rather nice, especially when K joins in with the bass part on his ‘cello. I bought some books of beginner ‘cello and violin duets at the last holiday orchestra – I think I might see if A and 6 can tackle them together over the next few weeks.
J had a meeting at school in the evening to discuss the French exchange he’s doing at the end of term, so Bob went to that (I was far too tired to risk driving so far) and I did the gym and Brownies run. Brown Owl said that when L is at Kentwell 6 would be very welcome to go along by herself, if she’d like to; she was complimented on how lovely she is and how well she joins in with everything. Very nice to get compliments on “my” children, even when they’re only borrowed 😉