Sunday was an interesting day, logistically speaking. J had a recorders day rather too many miles in the wrong direction, while L and 6 were singing Eucharist, A had a choir rehearsal and gym and K an invitation to a birthday party. In addition, we had all been invited to a punting party, which realistically only 6, L and one adult could attend since it fitted after Eucharist but not after or with any of the other commitments. The icing on the cake was when I got to Eucharist with the girls and realised (from the notice sheet) that K was supposed to be singing Mattins as well – cue some hasty messaging to Bob to get him there in time, with or without a cassock!

In the end it all worked out, more or less. J had a good time remembering how much he likes playing the recorder (each time he does a recorder session he comes away enthused and bubbling over with ideas 😀 which gradually fade once he’s back at school where nobody cares about recorders 🙁 ), K made it to Mattins and sang, despite having the wrong shoes and no cassock, then was collected and taken to the birthday party, A enjoyed her choir and then gym and didn’t mind the long drive to collect J, with bonus concert to listen to when they got there, and 6 and L sang Eucharist, sat out an unusually long service (not much we could do as they were at the front in the choir stalls so we couldn’t leave any earlier than we did!) then ran to get to the punts just in time before everyone loaded up and left. I started the punting off, then gave 6 a quick lesson and L a short turn too, before handing over to the birthday girl, R. A party of four punts, we got down to Grantchester, ate a rather lovely shared picnic and made it back just in time to be off the river before the rain started. In fact, the timing was perfect, as the girls and I then had just enough time to go and collect K, meaning Bob didn’t have to and could make it to J’s concert. Sometimes things just work out right 😉

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  1. Can’t believe I had never thought of punting for a birthday party!! Must have been great fun… Did you play the recorder on the punts?? Can just imagine the ducks’ faces…

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