If that’s not a word, it should be 😉

Thursday found us at Gina’s, as usual, including the fortnightly Multisport session which all three older children enjoyed, while S and A scootered, coloured, chatted and watched Magic Schoolbus. A quick piano lesson for K and then we set off to collect J from school so we could dash back in time for gym. Since 6 hasn’t been able to join in with the regular class I booked her a half term class; hopefully that will help to fill the gap at least a little.
Friday was a quiet at home catching up kind of day, finishing off the lapbooks from Wednesday, pottering and so forth, then Bob took the choir posse out while I carried on sewing. L and K had a research interview to do for a Psychology student looking at HE children, then choir for L and 6, before collecting J from the station and bringing them all home. Quick turnaround of adults and I headed back with K for his choir. We had thought to go dancing, but I was too tired and knew I had a late night planned for Saturday so decided to be sensible instead.