Long weekend

No music school, thanks to bank holiday weekend, so lots of sewing for me, music for children (6 finished trying all the potential instruments and decided on violin, which didn’t surprise me as she had been transfixed by L’s lesson) and general pottering. K and L had a gamelan rehearsal in the afternoon, which everyone else declined attending so we went in to join them afterwards, intending to swap parents so I could go and babysit at a ceilidh. Instead we decided at the last minute to all go along to the ceilidh, especially as it included an interval with the Gog Magog Molly, which we thought fitted very well with the Mayday theme we’d been following this week. Not sure what 6 made of the Molly, but she certainly seemed to enjoy dancing. Meanwhile I tramped the streets with a small boy until discovering that the Corpus clock has apparently magical soporific qualities for babies 😉

A late night on Saturday meant a very slow start to Sunday and we only just made it to church. It was packed because of a dedication – lots and lots of children so Sunday School was very busy! Then Anna had gym and the girls’ choir Evensong to fill the rest of the day. We hadn’t been sure whether 6 should be singing or just in the congregation, but Sam told her to join the choir and gave her a cassock – sadly the only ones left are enormous so she’s a bit swamped but it does make her an official probationer 🙂

Bank holiday Monday and I thought we should get 6 to Kentwell so she could see it before being in it – there is a special magic to that first visit and it’s not quite the same once you know the behind the scenes bits. Unfortunately the morning’s quick activities dragged out and eventually J announced that he had too much prep to do so I sent Bob and the four who were keen and stayed home with J and lots of black wool. Hopefully Bob will blog their trip, but I may need to nudge him…

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