Mayday mayhem

Wednesday was the first of May and an ideal time to learn about some of the customs and traditions associated with the month of May 🙂 It was a busy HE group session, starting with a lapbook, which we brought home to finish, and then looking at a few other May highlights, including Christian Aid week, Morris dancing and bees.
Much of the afternoon was spent in the playground, then we headed off to choir, where L and 6 did some Maths and then each sewed an edge of 6’s kirtle skirts while K was singing. A quick dash to Sainsbury’s for food, which we ate sitting in the sun, then a library visit and it was time to make our way to Caius for the girls’ rehearsal. It’s the first time I’ve been to Caius chapel and it is beautiful. K did some music theory and I sewed in lovely surroundings whilst listening to young voices raised in song – an excellent way to spend an evening 🙂