Centerparcs – On the 19th January we set off, not quite as bright and early as it might have been, for Elveden to go on what has become an annual holiday to Centerparcs. The benefit of going in January is that it costs less than ¼ of what it would cost in school holiday times and is much quieter and correspondingly more pleasant too. Our chalet was only a few doors from the Beans and Em, so very convenient for planning trips to the pool together – and a surprise birthday celebration for Kfish too 😉

There was much wetness, swimming, splashing, whooshing down flumes, defying gravity with the Cyclone and for the slightly fainter-hearted the rapids presented enough of a challenge in themselves – Jfish took a few days to succumb and then was hooked!

My sister was able to join us for the second half of our stay, much to her nieces’ and nephews’ joy; she’s much more fun than Bob and I are! She arrived pretty much as Jfish and Bob were leaving to get to Italian and do our turn on the choir supervision rota. Auntie P’s Christmas present to all of us was a treat at the Pancake House on the last day, which made things even more exciting, as that’s something they’ve often wanted to do. To be honest, it may well be something we never bother to do again, as the pancakes looked impressive but actually tasted slightly soapy (definitely American style puffy pancakes rather than what they had been expecting) and were far too sweet for anybody to finish their serving. Mine apparently got lost through a hole in the space time continuum and had to be rescued from the Palaeolithic by a brave cook, so it took a few minutes extra to arrive!

The day after we got back should have been Music School, but everybody was far too tired, and some rather full of cold, so we decided a lie-in was more appropriate. L still made it to gym and the choristers were all up to various services and choir practices on Sunday, so by the following week we were more or less back to normal again.