Modroc, chlorophyll and music; Multisport, more music and other sports

Bob took Afish, Lfish and L to HH’s and we met them there, once we’d got away from hospital. In fact we arrived not long after them, as Bob had let L sleep in after a restless night thanks to a nasty cold.

Activities this week included ensemble (prioritised this time, as it’s been missed a couple of times now), making the armatures and beginning the modroc wrapping for our Degas-inspired sculptures, collecting, colour-sorting and then crushing leaves for a chromatography experiment, some Maths for J and SB, saxophone lesson for L and lots of chatting and socialising.
TheBabs gave L and A a lift back (thank you!) and collected a chest of drawers for their new En Famille guest at the same time, which meant I could take K, Lfish and J off for choir, Italian and more choir without having to go home first.

On Thursday we had another late start/lie-in then L felt recovered enough for Multisport. They were in the hall and garden today, rather than down at the park, which made it an easier session fortunately. We came back via trombone and then A had gym. In the evening L decided judo would be one step too far, so opted for an early night instead, while K debated how much his heart monitor might get in the way and decided to go anyway 🙂
I spent every spare moment making sure J was up to date with work and helping him to pack – sometimes I think it would be easier to just do it all myself 🙄

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  1. There is a downside of reading a blog in most recent date order first. Im glad the hospital visit was entirely voluntary!

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