A week of mostly being at home, catching our breath, keeping up bookwork… oh and getting ready for Kentwell – more of an issue for me than for the children! Isn’t it amazing how things which were put away confidently ready for their next wearing turn out to need of hours of mending and tlc? Then there are those wretched children who insist on growing, so that things need altering, or on telling you now that those things you thought fitted nicely have actually stretched and need taking in? I’d like to say that at least it will now be ready for next time, but I’m not so complacent!

Quick rundown of the week, leaving it to you to work out who did what:

Monday – cello lesson x 2, string orchestra x 2, football x 1, Guides x 1

Tuesday – Brownies x 1

Wednesday – choir x 2, Italian x 1, library visits x multiple

Thursday – gym x 1, judo x 2

Friday – lie-in x too many = no sports, library visits x 3, violin x 1, choir x 2, wind group x 1, CB brass x 1, technical gym x 2, orchestra x 2, choir friend birthday celebration x 1 😀

Saturday – early start x 7 ready for the drive to Kentwell

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