Saturday started, as Saturdays are wont to do now that we are into term time, with music school. J had an invitation to go back to school and play for Open Day so Bob took him to the station bright and early and I did the music school run, meaning to come back straight away and get on with jobs. They’re singing Cantar una cancion alegra which is always fun, so somehow I ended up staying through the Sing Up! session and only coming back after that. Bob, back from the station, took his laptop to a side room and worked while they did theory and orchestra, then he and the children went to collect J, which made life a little interesting timing-wise (J missed the earlier train) for getting Lfish back in time for gym. She ate lunch in the car on the way there and back (so as not to have cramp from exercising on a full stomach 😉 ) and was only a few minutes late. I’ve been trying to walk more, so took the chance to get in a good hour of walking while she was at gym – I definitely feel better for it. I miss the days when we were able to walk everywhere 🙁

After such a busy week we thought tired children might appreciate a lazy afternoon, so we fished out the popcorn maker and they chose a film to watch 🙂 That meant the Saturday house tidy didn’t happen, though, and with our social worker check due on Monday it was a necessity this week, not just a good habit to try to maintain, so Sunday after church found us all scooting round, each having chosen a room or part of a room to take on. I forgot to set the timer so we ended up doing more than I might have asked, but it is nice to see the results 😉

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