A day of music and sport

Thursday was unexpectedly free for Gina (SATS) so we went over for music lessons (flute and piano for L, piano for 6 and K) and then on to multisport. A decided she was not well enough to come so stayed at home with Bob and got lots of sleep. She’s been really under the weather the last few weeks, but with no specific anything: a day of rash which quickly faded, a day of mild fever, a sore throat, glands raised for a day or two and so forth – never really enough to do anything about but never quite shaken off either. Hopefully a few quiet days will see it off for good.
After multisport we took L’s flute back to the shop for a speedy repair – a screw had come out but was quickly replaced. I do like nice long warranties 😉
Back home for a bit of violin practice (L) and trampolining (the rest) then music practice for the others while L did gym and I went to collect J from school, feed him and return him in time for the lower school concert. It was very good. The one thing I think the others would most appreciate if they were to go to J’s school is the music – there are so many opportunities there and it’s very hard to replicate that in HE without ending up driving everywhere all the time.