Screams and songs, fun, fireworks and remembrance

L and K set off early on Friday morning for choir tour, which stretched from 23rd October to 26th and encompassed singing, sightseeing and even a service at the Menin Gate, where L was chosen to lay a wreath. While they were away the rest of us carried on much as normal. J and H volunteered at the cafe on Saturday and on Monday H joined a group of others to go to a non-Scaresville haunted house event (thanks for taking him galoka!) which he declared to be far less good 🙂

Once the tourers were back we headed off to Kentwell, this time with several tents (which we put up inside one another for extra warmth) where we spent the next few days taking part in Scaresville at night (H, J, K and me, while Bob stayed in the tent with the girls) and Hallowe’enies by day (L, A and me, with the boys joining in for some sessions – enough to get lunch at least 😉 ) and generally had lots of fun. The weather was unexpectedly mild, to the extent that we were, if anything, too warm rather than too cold, but lots of rain meant it was wet and muddy underfoot, which occasionally added a new level of difficulty to creeping up on people in the dark!

Hallowe’en safely navigated (and Scaresville hoodies, torches, beanies and similar goodies earned and chosen) normality was next enlivened by Bonfire Night. We had fires and fireworks at the Beans (complete with amazing pumpkins) and also a family evening with church which included fireworks, lanterns and fun activities.

Remembrance Sunday brought parades for the girls (L joined in with her old Brownie pack as a helper, rather than us having to be in two places at once by adding Guides in as well), which the rest of us supported too. Monday was rollerskating/soft play and then we were back to a Remembrance theme with The Sound of music at the cinema on Tuesday.