Harvest, audition day and a christening

We received an invitation to a christening in London on a day we were already quadruple booked 🙁
Considerable logistics wrangling later we worked out that with a little juggling I could go, even if none of the others could. This meant that our Sunday started early (especially as most major roads in the city were closed for a race) with Bob taking four out of five children to the harvest festival eucharist where K and Lfish were singing. After that Afish had choir and Lfish mattins. Meanwhile I took J to the county music audition day and then went from there to a different railway station to usual, where I had just enough time to catch a train to London, leaving Bob to pick him up once all the singing and playing was done.
R’s christening was lovely, a much-longed-for and eagerly-awaited babe, who is and will be cherished by not only his parents but a whole family of friends and family 🙂 Afterwards his mother T asked if I’d like to stay and go with her to the Taize service she was helping with in the evening so after a quick phone call to check that Bob had everything under control I did, and it was a beautiful oasis in a busy life 😀
Even before the service began it was raining (one lady had arrived early and decided to pass the time while she waited for the service to start in walking in the rain; she was from California where they have had no rain for three years) and by the end it was really bucketing down. Fortunately a very charming musician was walking the same way as I was and had an umbrella to share so we dropped T off at the end of her road and continued companionably together.In fact, although I know Lfish in particular would have liked to have come, I must admit it was very pleasant to have a few hours out by myself 😉