Science Alive!

On Tuesday K’s friend B was going to go to Science ALive, partly on our recommendation. His mum very kindly offered to take any of ours who wanted to go, and even to drop J off at school on the way past. Accordingly, A, K and 6 went along with them, leaving L with me as she had a writing workshop booked.
Their theme was light and sound, and they each made various things to find out about how light and sound work: a kaleidoscope or a periscope, a spectroscope, a spinner (elastic band stretched across a piece of card which made sound when whirled around on the end of a string) and a buzzer (lolly sticks with paper between to buzz when blown) which they proudly showed me when they got home. Apparently it was a good day 🙂
L also had a good day: she was enthused by the workshop and enjoyed a full violin lesson, using 6’s time as well as her own 😉
J had a slightly less day, although a detention rather than cricket club did at least mean he was finished at just the right time to be collected by those returning from Science…
They even got back (just) in time for gym and Brownies – bonus!