On your marks

Thursday was a Gina day, but we were so far behind in preparing to go away for an early weekend that Bob took the girls and K and I stayed at home to get on with jobs.
They picked J up after school and then came back here, where we loaded the car up and finally managed to leave. The journey was long but fairly uneventful – traffic slow but not overly heavy – and we made it to Uppermill and found the church which was to be J’s home for the next few days, as he joined the National Methodist Youth Brass Band for the Whit Friday marches, with added reunion concert and a couple of services.
J safely delivered, with his trombone, lyre, two mutes, sleeping bag, uniform and all other necessities, we went on from there to the Off The Path Party in the Field, where we were the first to arrive. It’s always lovely to spend time with good friends 😀

2 thoughts on “On your marks”

  1. You are definately right Katy ! it’s always peaceful to share time with good friends . but what is the OFF The Path Party in the Field ? I imagine you refer to you association that is preparing the “remake of the Tudor’s most important events” am I right ?


  2. Not quite 🙂 It’s a party hosted by friends whose blog is called Stepping Off the Path. There is a large field at the back of their house which is used by guests for camping, so that lots of people can go, hence Party in the Field. Mostly, it’s an approximately annual get-together of a group of home educating families, ex-home educators and their friends from all over the country, with much chatting, cake and general camaraderie.
    There should be another post soon to say some of what we did – but right now I’m meant to be packing for our next adventure 😉

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