I so much want to put “wrote Mr Kipling” in there, but it probably would mean little to those who didn’t love a series of adverts way back when 😉

Quiet morning planned, with lots of jobs and work, but then an unexpected message from some Rainedrops had us heading over in completely the wrong direction, lured by the promise of swimming, lunch and, most of all, a chance to see friends we’ve not seen for far too long! I took sewing with me (and even managed to do some sewing) and the children took swimmers (and definitely managed to do some swimming!) and enjoyed the luxury of a personal tour and house viewing, a lovely chat and a delicious lunch served in the conservatory while the children ate at a lower table on the patio – then dashed off to try out the climbing tree which might almost have been purpose-built for children 🙂
I felt awful dragging them away (and wanted to know the result of a certain job interview – happy news later 😀 ) but we had music lessons to get to… A had ‘cello, K, L and 6 played Maths games again, then K had ‘cello while we nipped down the road to violin. Fortunately Christina was amenable to splitting off a chunk of L’s lesson for 6 so she watched and then had a chance to play – and there’s now another music practice to fit in each day 😉
After music we set off again, this time to visit a friend who had promised me old linen sheets – and then went further with an offer of hand-sewing; talk about an offer I couldn’t refuse! We stayed there long enough to need to rush back and do a “one minute and counting” style change of clothes for Brownie uniform but the traffic was on our side and not only did K get to gym with minutes to spare but 6 and L got to Brownies on time too 🙂