Second, third, fourth, fifth days of Christmas

Days 2 – 5 mostly taken up with Holiday Orchestra and lots of nothing much around the edges, a bit of house sorting, a bit of F sorting, both work and heart, some cooking and shopping (new boots for L as well as interesting food to make a hamper for Big Alice and John) and general holiday laziness. On Wednesday we went to see friends on the way back from HO and chatted a lot about En Famille – we did a reference for them and they are now about to start their exchange, having discussed it between families and decided January suited them both better than Sept.
HO finished with a bumper day, which started with getting the boys there by 9:30, then J’s Gamelan performance at 10:10 and K’s at 11:30, collect K at 1.20 and J (and SB) at 1:30, then back for J/SB rehearsal 2 – 2:30 and back again for first presentation concert at 4:30 and second one after that. All very good, but a long day, and only having one car meant the girls and I did the whole thing so Bob could work from home. In the afternoon gap we walked into town and had baked potatoes from the stall there – a key part of my student life and then a place we frequented when J and K were tiny 🙂 Whilst sitting there eating them an old friend strolled past, so we had a lovely (but brief, as we had to get back for the concerts) chat and promised to catch up soon. Her son, B, was at school with J and used to come round for tea once a week, even after J had left the school. Bought tasty but expensive tea from M & S as now not enough time to get to cheaper places and then dashed back via routes through/between nice colleges to show F 😉
Concerts good – recorded relevant bits on Flip, which F then accidentally took home with her – ho hum! A managed really well, watching (and videoing) first concert, then spent most of second concert on my lap snuggling to sleep. Home and to bed…