On Sunday we took M along with us to our nearest Methodist church (his first time in a non-Catholic church since being here, although I’m not sure he had realised that). The children went out for Sunday school and Bob took A to the creche and ended up staying with her, not because she was unhappy to be left so much as because there were other little ones there who were unhappy and it seemed unfair to leave the staff with so many on their hands. That left me in church with a good preacher, nice sermon and no children 🙂 I was asked afterwards to consider going on church council. I think I might (because I just don’t have enough other things to do!) but haven’t yet given an answer because I don’t want to commit to something I then can’t do properly.
Sunday afternoon was a pootly kind of time, especially for me as I was not feeling too good and was developing an incredibly sore throat (lovely fungal infection I get when under par/overtired) and then we had a Latinetc planning meeting in the evening. Lots of timetable mapping out and some pooling of ideas – and lots of chocolate truffles courtesy of Dave 🙂

Monday was to have been a hard-working catching up kind of day, but in the end the children and I just about managed a keeping up kind of day. Normals happened, including music practices of various sorts, but we only just remembered in time that L needed to get to gymnastics and just about got K to Beavers. On the basis that we had only just managed a day at home with minimal activities I cancelled violin for Tuesday and we had a very lazy day until K’s gymnastics time. In fact, I had a particularly lazy day, as J brought me breakfast in bed (undercooked porridge and warm tea, so I had to sneak downstairs to nuke them both, but the thought was there 😉 ) and then asked what I needed him to do. I said him and M getting maths done would be the most helpful thing, as we’re rather behind our plan there, and then came down later to find J and all the younger ones sitting round the table doing maths together 🙂 M was upstairs (possibly writing a letter; more likely on the DS – which is now hidden away again after a couple of days like that 🙁 ) but came down and joined in the maths session when called (not by me – I had no voice!) so it turned into a relatively productive morning after all 🙂 J got a fair way into NaNoWriMo work too, although all the others have yet to start really (but all are signed up, as far as I remember J for 3000 words (!), M for 1000, K for 2000 and L for 300). All boys did gymnastics, pumpkin scones and savoury flapjack were made, the front room was tidied and I had my first tutoring session with a pair of GCSE students – lots of fun 🙂

Wednesday was Latinetc, without Michelle and C (A was very disappointed and kept asking for Michelle) but with some exciting burning experiments (seeing what colour flame different chemicals produce) which linked in nicely with Bonfire night and fireworks. The new timetable (written up, colour coded and laminated!) seemed to work well and at least meant that at the end of the morning if anything hadn’t been done it was by choice rather than by accident 😉 Doing French stories with a sofa full of younger ones right at the beginning worked well as a settler, I think, and S was happy to stay with me to read, which meant Gina could do flute and music theory sessions without him – definitely easier!
Usual dash from Latinetc to ‘cello and then Baby Music, then back here for a reviving cup of tea and a chance to recover before Cubs for M and J 🙂

Tots and Nots was Gina-less today, as J was not well, but Chris brought BB and SB 🙂 Only one other family came, so we actually had a rather nice quiet session, where lots of painting happened (using red and yellow paint and scrumpled tissue paper to make simple bonfire pictures) and a few word games were played (how many words from “The Gunpowder Plot”?) then we cleared away early (thanks Chris!) did a short songtime (all my voice could sustain), had lunch in the car and got J and M to multisport just a few minutes late. Apparently it was good (certainly it was tiring and both boys claimed to be dead or dying by the end!) but I have to admit I spent most of the time drinking tea and chatting while A and L did a French puzzle game and K watched the sports. I should probably have got them to do some work, but I knew we were about to go to Gina’s and S-sit for an hour or so while she took E and J to an appointment, so we’d have time to do something there 😉 That meant a chance to go over the maths (fractions) that J and M had given up on at Tots (lots of little circles of paper and a pair of scissors later I think improper fractions were making sense for M; J seemed to be able to visualise them without) and for L to write (with me scribing but her inventing) a rap about herself while K did some more pages from the excellent book Susan gave us, which he loves because he gets to choose a subject and do as many pages as he likes 🙂 Meanwhile A and S played – S kept bringing things through to show me, then abandoning them to see if there was something else which could tempt me away form the big boys 😉 When Gina and co got back there was just time for piano lessons for M and J (and a little one for L) while the others had a quick turn on the Wii and then we rushed home to bolt down some dinner before Bob took the bigger 4 out to the fireworks just down the road. A and I stayed in the warm 😉

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