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I ought to be going to bed, but I remembered a few things I haven’t blogged about.

J may soon be starting the cornet! Katy’s borrowing a book from Gina about what instrument would suit your child and the cornet comes out as a good match. We got one on eBay that’s on its way to us, and would help him with the holiday orchestra thing he and K do as it would allow him to be in a band.

We now have recognised that our back garden is a playground by getting some second hand rubber safety mats (eBay again, from a school that no longer wanted them). They’re on the patio and around the side of the house, with a bit of climbing frame on. I had a weird experience picking them up – driving along the B1040, which is dead straight, on completely flat fens (which is weird enough) but then with a bumpy road surface. My boss says it’s because it has no proper foundation and just floats on oak logs on gloopy fen-stuff, and big lorries make a big mess of it.

We managed to not be late for church on Sunday as we had forgotten to check that there was a special service for Pentecost. So, instead of being late for the normal 10.30 service, we were early for the 11.00 service in the market square. V. sunny – A and L got burned – a nice atmosphere, big flags and party poppers (it’s the church’s birthday, after all) and lots of churches together. Helium balloons were shared out and then let go of, and it was very good. J managed to pull the string out of his party popper without it going off, so we learned that the string has a strip of white paper wrapped around the end, and pulling the string out removes this strip so it stays inside the little pot and in doing so makes it go bang – the strip is where the gunpowder is. We made quite a loud bang by Katy standing on it and then me pulling.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten things, but I’ll end with some nice links that I found via an article Katy found via a Facebook imaginary friend.

Pretty picture showing cross-references in the Bible.
Handy tool for time-travelling revolutionaries

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  1. would like a link to the book, if poss. I knew it existed before my lot made their instrument choices but couldn’t ever find it, would love to know if the book agrees, even if it is too late!
    Cornet sounds fab 🙂

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