I heart wikipedia

I got back from Germany on Thursday evening, and while I’d been busy and getting tired doing work stuff, Katy and the children had been busy and getting tired doing lots of Home Ed. stuff plus dog sitting plus getting Kentwell costumes ready for the big checking / organising day on Saturday.

This meant Friday was late, doing final preparations, and Saturday started early to get there on time. As a result I was unpleasant company – and large crowds and important bureaucracy didn’t help. But all our costumes were approved and I didn’t make too much of a mess with the extra bureaucracy thrust upon me by my head of station not being there, so that was OK. What is stressing me somewhat is that for the 2 weeks I’m going to be in charge of the gate there will be a trebuchet someone’s making, a 200 lb pull crossbow someone’s bringing, and two blokes asked for an area to be fenced off so that they could fight without hurting the guests…

Sunday morning imploded due to my continued grumpiness and our general busy-ness up to that point. We turned it into a pottering and catching up day at home, which for Katy and me obviously meant playing with Ikea shelves. (Taking the shelves out of the house to the workshop and replacing the house ones with other shelves.) K and L played, including some den building.

J got out a kit for making glow slime, which was good cookery-style science and he enjoyed doing it and also the result. K and L spectated and they experimented with using food colouring as well as the provided colouring and produced a second lot that looked unpleasantly like offal.

This morning I looked up his ingredients online, and got some stuff on wikipedia. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is otherwise known as PVA as in the glue, although his stuff was clear which fooled me. Tetraborate solution is otherwise known as borax, which we already had for Kentwell aprons.

The way that the borax works is it creates links between the PVA molecules. This got me to vulcanisation, which I now understand – it was previously one of those embarrassing things that occasionally gets mentioned and you have a tiny idea about and hope no-one asks you about because you think everyone else knows about. Anyway, now I know enough to be dangerous!

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  1. giggle, i had that experiment tucked away in the back of my mind for latinetc!
    hugs for grumps. coming out of working away to home can be stressy and def when loads going on!

  2. or you could try english heritage festival of history at the end of the month [reminder to self, must book!]

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