K’s preschool parent/teacher consultation

I managed to miss the proper one as it was on the one morning a week that I can’t make and K doesn’t go in 🙄 and then his teacher and I just haven’t quite managed to arrange to see one another – not high priority as I knew there was nothing much wrong anyway.
So with next week being end of year we met today. She gave me his personal profile and folder of memories at the same time and then basically just talked me through them and it was actually almost embarrassing! She is a lovely person and K is in her first ever class of her own (iyswim) but even knocking off a few degrees for overenthusiasm it was a seriously proud mummy moment :mrgreen:
She talked about how sensitive he is, how caring (mentioned incidences like when a friend bumped his head and K went in unprompted to ask for an icepack then took it to friend and looked after him), she said she uses him as a role model quite often in the class (not so sure how much of a good idea that one is!) because he picks things up quickly and then the others can follow his example, how bright he is etc etc.
I’m sorry – this sounds like so much boasting! I may come back and edit but I wanted to get it all out first 😆
The thing is that K is lovely. We always knew he was lovely and it is something people always comment on, but tbh he is often in J’s shadow, particularly academically, so in a way I guess we tend to find ourselves thinking of him as a bit of a nice but dim (that’s not quite what I mean, but I can’t think of a better way of putting it) and it was lovely to hear him being praised in such a well-rounded way and for achievements as wide-ranging as thinking of others, making sensible decisions, coming up with good ideas, recognising numbers and letters, teaching other children how to do things…
I’m almost overwhelmed!
Have to treasure these moments, as he will be HE from next week on, so this may be the only proper report he gets!
ISTR J was often used as a teacher’s model too, and was praised for his ability to help other children learn how to do things. Teaching runs in my family for generations – I guess there’s no escape 😆

3 thoughts on “K’s preschool parent/teacher consultation”

  1. Katy,

    You have your proud mummy moment. You have 3 lovely children, who respect others and that is so much more than a lot of other parents can say.
    I’m sure when you officially start He’ing K next week, he’ll just go from strength to strength.

    FWIW, Max is still talking about L, but thats probably cos he’s trying to get me to buy a wheelbarrow! Lol!


  2. Aw, that’s lovely to hear for you, go right on ahead and enjoy it!

    We (me, Ady and particularly D) thought all your children were very lovely too and D is still talking about K.

  3. Oh thank you! Now I’m glowing!
    They still talk about all the friends they met at MP, and can’t wait until February and “the next camp, well, not camp but…” then go on to describe what they think it will be like!
    I still need to think of a better way of putting it than “nice but dim” because that’s really not fair. K surprises me often with his perceptive comments.
    I love having three children because every time one is giving you a hard time (just now it could be L not sleeping or J being grumpy, take your pick *sigh*) there is always one shining star to bring a smile to your heart.

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