Diet Coke and Mentos

Found some fruit mentos in a little newsagent’s last night 🙂 so this evening we tried the experiment with one bottle and 2 sweets. It worked fairly well (Bob says photos to come, hopefully) but I think the 1l bottle shape may be less good than the 2l they used, and I suspect we may need to use more sweets – or maybe they need to be mint ones for some reason 😕
Anyway, we still have 2 bottles left, so can try more sweets tomorrow and see how it goes 🙂
The neighbours were amused anyway 😆

Edited to add link to photo

5 thoughts on “Diet Coke and Mentos”

  1. helloooooooooo! so excited to have found this. lovely to read all your news. will deff. be trying this cool experiment!

  2. I think you really need to put the whole packet in at the same time, moreorless, for maximum effect.

  3. Looking closely at the video, I think they get the height they do by having a much smaller hole in the lid so that the Coke spurts out under more pressure. The ratio should be right, as they say 4 mentos to 2l of Coke and we used 2 for 1l. I think this afternoon may find us working out a way to suspend two Mentos in the top of a lidded bottle until we are ready to drop them in…

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