Just a perfect day?

Parents and Tots again today, but this time with milk 😆
J and K’s new friend Z came along (with mum and baby sister – and she’s managed to buy the NG Ergo I pointed out to her so looking forward to playing with that when it gets here :D) and S was there, so there was quite a posse of older boys and I let J just get on with it rather than trying to do any set work. Z had brought along some little water squirters so they rushed around outside while the little ones stayed safely inside. L did lots of playdough and playing with babies 🙂
When it came to story and song time I decided to put my foot down and made J and K come and sit quietly rather than running around as they have been the last few weeks; it’s not fair on the littlies and they actually enjoy it once they get into it 😉 We sat and they chose a book each. J wanted to read his to me rather than the other way around, so I got to listen to Two-Can Toucan, then we started on K’s choice of The Three Little Pigs, but it was too long and we ran out of time… which actually proved to be a bonus as J took over, took K, Z and S to a corner and read the rest of the book quietly to them while the rest of us sang. K was lured over to the singing (by Humpty Dumpty) when the book was finished, but the rest of them just got another book and carried right on reading 😀 I was so chuffed, especially by how confidently – and flawlessly – J reads now.
Once everyone had gone we had lunch in the church hall with Rebecca and Jonah, then went to a new soft play place in Fenstanton to meet Emma and her boys.
The place proved to be well laid-out and ideal for mums to chat and children to wear themselves out, so it was a great way to spend an afternoon catching up with old friends.
Came home just before the rush hour, picked Bob up from work early, cooked tea while he did some maths (working out football tables) with J and then the children rushed round the garden with water squirters again before we ate. K and L both conked out pretty much straight after tea; Bob and J curled up to read next chapter of The Horse and His Boy and I’m about to go out running with a friend.
😀 Contented sigh 😀

2 thoughts on “Just a perfect day?”

  1. Where is the soft play place in Fenstanton? Sb likes that sort of thing, and Fenstanton isn’t too far from here. might be good for future reference.

  2. It’s the Playbarn at Crystal Lakes Caravan Park. Coming from Cambridge we left the A14 at Junction 26 and got back on in the other direction (ie travelling from Huntingdon towards Cambridge) then left at next exit (for Fenstanton) and went straight on (over a slightly staggered crossroads) onto Low Road, which was signposted for the caravan park. The outside play area is not yet in use, but the indoors bit is really nice – and if you go before 2pm in term-time then the entry price includes free squash and biscuits for children and a cup of tea or coffee for accompanying adults 😉
    I should imagine it might get busy at the height of holiday season, but when we were there it was lovely and quiet 🙂

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