We’ve been working through old boxes stashed away in the workshop, trying to reduce the amount of *stuff* that’s cluttering up what was meant to be a working space.
Today I came across a piece of paper I thought long gone 🙂 Between my year abroad and the final year of my degree (which in fact turned out not to be my final year, but that’s another story…) I had a summer job working for an exam board. Most of what I did was checking that marks tallied and entering data from printouts, but occasionally we were able to have contact with actual exam papers. My favourites were Sociology GCSE 🙂 and the piece of paper I found today was one where I jotted down quotes I particularly liked.

The title of this post comes from a response to a question about the three stages for a Bill to become law: assault, indecent assault and beating someone up.
The same question was also answered:
– It must pass the House of Commons and the White House…
– Two stages are the bill being made up by people who have to pay the bill eg using the telephone. Also the company adding the bill up and sending it to the payers.

Two functions of the speaker in the House of Commons:
– The Chancler of the Checker and the prime minister Jon Major.

Two state benefits paid for by National Insurance contributions:
– war arms and importing goods
– doll money, health mobility, accidents insurance, car insurance

On the role of Trades Unions:
– Fright for their Rights
– It’s when everyone get together and set out here prombles
– Two function of a trade union are 1) to agree or disagree about the trade and 2) to do something about it.

Reasons why the Government might subsidise an industry:
– Too much violence, rap and trouble.

Social differences between adults and children:
– an adult has been fully bread into society whereas a child hasn’t, an adult has already been taught i.e. to say please and thankyou.
– Two social differences between a child and an adult are adults behave more matually than children and adults are not so venerable as children.
– The addate actes more senserbul and knows what is best for the kids and child is probberly miss behaveing and arguing with the addalte.

Two members of the extended and not nuclear family:
– the groundmother and the groundfather.

On dealing with the elderly:
– The elderly could go to pubs, play bingo or do gardening. Arguments against these are that if they go to pubs they might get drunk, they might not be fit enough to do gardening and if they play Bingo they might win and get excited and not believe it and have a heart attack.
– The problem with elderly relatives they become an nuisance moaning all the time. Get under your feet while living in a family home. Become ill but know one can do nothing about it have to face facts that they are getting old.

Reasons for relationships breaking up:
– The male mite of bine haveing an iever with some other femal or they mite of had a argument about the child what is coming along.

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