A stitch in time

Normally our Sundays are filled with church commitments, whether choir, preaching or simply going along to a service, Sunday school an so forth. This week was no exception: K had eucharist and A had a choir rehearsal. The rest of us, however, were unusually free so Bob took those who needed to go to church, J elected to stay at home and catch up on sleep and homework and I took 6 and L to a costume making day at Kentwell, or rather upstairs in the pub at the end of the drive at Kentwell. Since 6 should still be here when we’re being Tudor she will need suitable attire and a costume day is a good way to kickstart the process. We also needed to try the finery L will be borrowing, as we knew it was likely to require lengthening (4 or 5 inches, as it turns out!) and Thomasine had very kindly made a pattern for J’s hose for me so I wanted to collect that too. We gave a lift to another future Kentwellie, so left a little earlier than we might have done, but at least that meant Bob and the others could get up and out too.
6 is exceedingly ticklish, we discovered, as Bess attempted to pin and then mark a toile 🙂 Eventually it was done though, and we decided to head off home straight after lunch, rather than sticking around to get on with sewing as well. This was partly because space was limited and partly because my energy levels currently are very low; I can manage a few hours of real activity a day but then have to recoup – not easily done in a busy room full of chatty people wielding scissors, irons and needles 😉
We got back theoretically in time for the St George’s Day parade, from which L had already excused herself for costume stuff and which A then decided to miss because of a sore foot – a nasty blister. Instead, the children all opted for trampolining and general decompression. Karine from EFI phoned in the evening, to check how things were going: all well so far, but I need to think of things to get 6 talking a bit more. I think as her confidence grows this will get better (and in fact today she has spoken much more already, as well as doing some reading aloud and pronunciation practice with me) and I hope we will be able to give her the confidence she needs.