I love it when children (and adults, but somehow even better when it’s children) use language imaginatively, make things up or just plain get them wrong 🙂
K today was asking me if I thought he’d done a good job in the annexe after I’d asked him to straighten things up a bit. “I arranged the cushions and the hangs” he said proudly. “The hangs?” “Yes, you know, the hangs! The big cloth things that go over the settee and hang!” I guess when they’re bigger than you are you don’t throw them…

Then at tea time today A was eating my food (as usual – it must taste better from my plate) and telling me what she wanted on the fork. Having run out of carrot and sweetcorn I offered her a “fairy cabbage” (family name for sprouts) which she decided she liked very much. She demanded more: “please I have a baby chicken?” and “more baby chicken!” No idea where that came from – perhaps she is not really destined to be veggie!

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  1. Before T learnt the word “battery” he saw Better Quarter charging some up and asked what she was doing with the camera sticks.

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