What we are doing

Apart from not blogging all that much, and not putting photos on Flickr… (Camera is in London, so few photos until we are reunited with it.)

A is being demanding, but also starting to make cute identifiable sounds for things. As lions always go RAAAAAAGH! her sound for lion is ra, or sometimes just ar. Giraffes don’t have an obvious noise, so they are rar (subtly different – short for giraffe), and zebra is bbbbbrrrr (this is where I ought to break out my imphlabet, but I’m far too rusty). Beardie: it’s a bi-labial thing part-way between a b and a v. L came with me and A to vote yesterday and we had a nice chat about what voting is, and how 100 years ago Mummy couldn’t have voted, and saw the local swan on her nest. Last night she was sick – twice – which led to sense of humour failure 😳 on my part and two changes of bedding. Fortunately she’s better now and so will be back to normal food tomorrow.

K lost his first tooth tonight, and is immensely proud of his gap. There will be a poor quality mobile phone picture of that on Flickr soon. He swallowed it at tea time, having had a hard time with its wobbliness interfering with eating. Fortunately there was no blood and it didn’t scratch. J is reading the next Invisible Friend book, and I subjected him to an excellent TED video about the Large Hadron Collider that’s going to be turned on this summer and either help find the God particle or swallow the entire planet and kill us all.