Boys and girls…

We’ve been splitting up by gender a bit today. A couple of years ago the boys and I were a bit stuck as to what we could give Bob for father’s day and eventually settled on a voucher for 3* treatment at a Turkish barber’s in town. He enjoyed it so much (despite a slightly alarming experience – but I’ll leave it to him to describe it 😆 ) that it has now become a tradition. Last year J went with him for a bit of male bonding and this was so successful that this year K went too 🙂

Meanwhile L and I were to go belly dancing, as she has been begging to come with me for weeks and one way or another we’ve not managed it; sessions have always ended up being cancelled when we could make them or we’ve been otherwise engaged when they were on. Before we left, though, the teacher phoned to say that the session was cancelled, and in fact that there would be no more sessions, as it was just not viable to keep going with the small number of attendees 🙁 She borrowed a sling from me a while back and wanted to know how and when to return it – or would I like to pop round for a coffee at the time the class would have been on? (Underlying current/unspoken message: pleeeease pop round for a coffee!) This we did, giving L the unaccustomed experience of being the older child when the other was an only child – and a boisterous 13 month old bent on pushing boundaries at that! She rose to the occasion, although a little bewildered as to why he wouldn’t share his toys and why everything she picked up should suddenly be of immense interest to him when he had discarded it just seconds before 😆 Lovely as he was, I could see why his mum was starting to feel a little stressed and overwhelmed; I remember that phase well!

After their Turkish treat the lads made their way to a summer fair in aid of the toddler group and playgroup they both used to go to, where we eventually joined them, and had fun decorating windmills and little fabric bags (with England flags *sigh*), playing on the bouncy castle, eating sweet treats from the cake stall and browsing the jumble tables for tat – sorry, treasure 😉

This afternoon, I have mostly been…….. sleeping! This is almost unheard of for me, but L’s sleeping pattern (such as it was 🙄 ) has changed since MP camp, with the effect that Bob and I now get something of an evening (good), she sleeps more soundly (good), still wakes a couple of times (not so good) and wakes proportionately earlier too (really not good!) – so I’m now getting even less sleep 🙁 When I went running on Thursday I came close to collapse after 30 minutes at moderate speed (ie slow :lol:) so I don’t see good things coming out of the Race for Life tomorrow unless I can get a bit more sleep tonight 😕 Hopefully dozing this afternoon will have helped, although it means the bathroom is still not tiled!

Still, Bob managed to get the shed finished, so we can now start putting things into it, which should help with the downstairs decluttering efforts… You never know, one day we may even lift ourselves out of CHAOS and be able to have friends round again 😯

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  1. i think we are just natural embodiments of that physics law suggesting that entropy tends to chaos. [well, it hink its a physics law, but haven’t done any pure phsyics for ooooohhh 18 years!]

  2. Stuff I left out of the Being a Man post about the alarming shaving experience. Previously when I went for a posh shave at this place it wasn’t a pain-free experience. As well as rubbing alcohol (i.e. after shave) all over the micro cuts all over your face 😯 – which I had this time too – there were the trials by fire and depilation.

    The first one was the barber lighting a taper, advancing towards me with it, and waving it near my ears to get the ends of my sideburns neat. I didn’t even feel warm – I was expecting to be burned badly!

    The second one appeared less scary but hurt. The barber even said “This will sting a bit.” He twisted some string stuff into rope and then rolled it up my cheeks towards my eyes. It grabbed hold of the fluffy hairs near my eyes (on the sensitive skin there) and yanked them out.

    Fortunately both of these have been dropped from the routine, and the scariest thing is something that looks like a cross between a kettle and a watering can, for puffing steam over your face at the start so that your pores open up or something.

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