Site problems

Sorry if you’ve been unable to look at the site recently – probably just yesterday. The short version is: I clicked the wrong button and fouled things up. (Long version available on request.) Thanks to help from my ISP I’ve got it fixed at least temporarily. I’m still not sure that the RSS feed is working OK though – I use bloglines to keep on top of blogs I read and it has never told me about things we’ve posted. Has RSS worked / not worked for you?

An unrelated bit of good news: yesterday Katy bought me a Bagpuss video that includes the episode with the machine that makes chocolate biscuits out of butter beans and breadcrumbs. 🙂 My favourite! Professor Yaffle as hard-charging investigative journalist. The mice’s ruse is exposed!

4 thoughts on “Site problems”

  1. Looked to me like you’d passworded the directory?

    Rss is working fine, that’s how I got here. 🙂

    Bagpuss, I *love* Bagpuss!

  2. Just saying hello having found you via Jax’s blog … looking forward to reading more from you both 🙂

    And yeah, I *love* that Bagpuss episode, without a doubt the best one!

  3. Just found you via Sarah’s blog. RSS feed through Sage is working fine for me too. Nice to see you blogging. Bagpuss, mmm, you might’ve inspired me to go and find our video.

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