J had a very narrow escape today…

I came very close to pulling his arm off and beating him about the head with it!

It was parents and tots today and we needed to take milk, so I grabbed a pint from the fridge for the teas and coffees and we stopped at the Co-op en route to get a couple of pints of whole milk for the children, which unfortunately meant waiting in a long queue and left us running (literally!) very late. DS1 wanted to carry the milk, which was great as it gave me two hands free for hand-holding, but then he changed his mind and asked me to take it, but still wanted to hold my hand and somehow with all the shuffling between us we managed to drop the bottle, the lid came off and the milk came gushing out all over the pavement 🙁 I managed to pick it up before it all came out, so rescuing just under a pint, and since there was now no time to buy more we had to just hope that that, along with what we had brought from home, would be enough.
Anyway, we just made it to p&t with one minute to spare before door-opening time, rushed round getting toys etc out and barely stopped until snack time, at which point I got the children’s drinks ready, made the tea and opened the adults’ milk… only to find that it was water :O A few weeks ago DS1 came up with the idea of taking an empty milk bottle/carton and filling it with water so that when Daddy was making breakfast (and half-asleep, poor soul) he would be surprised to find that he was pouring water on his cornflakes lol. We assured him that it was a good joke, but not one to repeat, and thought the matter had rested there, but clearly we were wrong *sigh* He must have filled this one up last night, but somehow DH picked a different carton this morning so it didn’t get discovered until after I had lugged it all the way to church. Anyway, I was not best pleased, but fortunately remembered that I had frozen a couple of cartons of milk in case of emergencies so I fished one out of the freezer and popped it in the microwave to defrost while I quietly and calmly (ish :P) pointed out to DS1 the error of his ways.
The children had their drinks and the adults patiently waited for milk to go in theirs. Eventually the carton was soft, with only a little lump of ice to shake in, so I took it out, shook well and opened it up, desperately hoping that it wouldn’t have separated too much. As I opened it I felt that something was wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on what it was – later realised it was that there was a lid but no seal! I poured a little out and disaster! It was really watery! I looked closer and lo and behold it was *@#* water! DS1 and his practical jokes had managed to strike twice on the same day! He could hardly have planned it better if he’d tried!
Okay, it’s funny now lol but at the time I’m afraid I just slid to the church kitchen floor and cried *blush* while the poor parents sat at the table waiting for the milk to go in their tea! Very fortunately there was a second carton in the freezer and that really was milk, but by the time it had defrosted half the adults had given up waiting and just didn’t bother with tea, while the rest had pinched milk from the children, so when I went through there were lots of children (mostly mine *sigh* ) demanding drinks 😆
Ho hum! One of those days!

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  1. Oh, how I feel for you! After I stopped giggling anyway…

    I also admire your patience, don’t think either of mine would have survived the aftermath 😉

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