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It was the second of our "school friends" picnics on Friday; an attempt, thinly veiled as half-birthday parties, for J and K to keep in touch with their old friends.
Alice ("our teenager") came along to help us today, which made a huge difference to my mental and physical well-being!
We were running late (as usual!) so she took the p> boys to the playground in her car while L and I finished off, then we took the picnic stuff along when we were ready. Not a great turnout from schoolfriends though :( All of one - but he made up in quality for what he lacked in quantity :) We also had a friend from parents and tots and E, O, M and F came along all the way from London. It was not the greatest of weather, but that didn't seem to deter the children from playing happily while the mum chatted. Alice was great at entertaining too p>, so it was a nice [p>] easy day, all in all - just a little disappointing for J not to see schoolfriends. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a better turnout at the last one (brunch on the first Saturday in September). P> . .

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