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I learned last week that one of my colleagues (one of the few who hasn't left ;-) ) was one of the Vietnamese boat people. His uncle, father and him were dumped in Harlow with no English, no other Vietnamese people near them, little money and few clothes in a bare flat!

One of the leavers has gone to a place that sounds interesting: . it's worth looking at the demo video to explain it. I've managed to get a [] beta account , and I'm entering things in which occasionally leads to head scratching: how would you define a knife? an axe? a pair of scissors? a sword? Then what about other things like secateurs, scythes, bill hooks, sickles? I think it's safe to say that what it doesn't know is a lot bigger than what it does know! It's interesting to look at the page that shows what's been added recently - a bit like seeing what people are searching for on Google, but less smutty and less biased towards the novel.

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