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I got the yearly please give us some money magazine from college yesterday. It has got bigger and glossier over the time I've been a graduate, and the What are they doing now? section is now quite long. Last year h1> when it came out I looked at people who started at the same time as me and sighed. Lots of people with impressive sounding jobs, more impressive than mine. There were legal types, finance types, management types, academics etc. I've got over the job envy, and this year I just noticed the more interesting ones. I've password-protected this post as I didn't want to assume the relevant people were happy with the information being hoovered into Google. So, here are the highlights of the class of 1989:

  • D. B. H1> qc is legal adviser to the u. K. Foreign and Commonwealth [h1>] Office
  • C. C. is a Foreign Services Officer with the U. S. Department of State, currently serving at the U. S. Embassy in European City
  • R. D. is editor of Women's Magazine
  • B. D. is Curator of Collections with Historic Palaces at Hampton Court and the Tower of London
  • R. E. is an R. A. F. pilot and has worked as part of the Jet Test Squadron at Boscombe Down
  • Dr. R. K. is a childminder, piano teacher h1>, 'Singing Schools' organiser and countryside stallholder. She is a singer in the rock band 'Tim's Kitchen' and in the Broughton Choral Society.
  • N. R. is Head of Publications at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.
  • C. W. is a playwright and has published Clever Dick and Darwin in Malibu
  • As interesting as they are, I think these two trump the rest:
  • Comendador Dr. D. D. is a University Lecturer in Modern European and Asian Legal and Diplomatic History in the School of History and Archives at University College, Dublin. He is a Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Isabel La Catolica of Spain and has also been awarded the Knight's Cross of the Austrian Order of Merit. He co-authored Spanish-Irish Relations through the Ages.
  • E. M. presents Newsnight on the BBC
There was quite a long obituary about a former President of the college, who was also a star of international law. That, and a couple of recent sad events, got me thinking a little about what I'd like in my obituary. That's a bit tricky. It's easy to think what I don't need to be there: he had a big flashy car, a big flashy house etc. My new desk at work looks out over the car park, and I see all the Range Rovers, BMWs etc. of my colleagues in sales and marketing and also my little car and occasionally sigh. But then I think of the big important stuff, and it doesn't include what car I drive. What I would like to see in my obituary is things like: a good husband, a good father, a good friend, a good colleague. Intangible stuff that doesn't show up on balance sheets and bank statements.

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