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On Monday we were meant to be going to a museum for a workshop on [address>] Egyptians, but we decided that we would be too tired after our circus trip, performance and then a birthday party ceilidh on the way home. We were right! The day was spent sleeping, recuperating and doing loads of washing. On Tuesday we had planned to take J in to the station and then go to Gina's for music lessons, but nobody had the energy or inclination to get up other than those who had to, so Bob took J in and the rest of us went to Gina's once we'd surfaced and woken up. Piano for K, L and 6, flute for L and a bit of music theory round the edges filled the morning up and then we set off to 'cello, via the Park and Ride where Fortune was soon to arrive on the bus from Oxford. Address> unfortunately the bus was a little late, which made for a rushed and slightly short 'cello lesson for a before we had to leave k there and go on to violin. 6 had her lesson first and is doing really well. Christina says she should definitely carry on, as she is progressing address> very quickly already - so this is advance warning to you, Rémy and Guillemette, that she will need a next-size-up violin very soon (half size should do the trick) ;) Then L had her lesson address>, which she loved as much as always - the worst thing about Kentwell for her is missing three weeks of violin lessons for it! Brownies and gym in the evening, while A played with her beloved Fortune, and we were all well and truly ready for bed!

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